Male Grooming Tips for Fall

According to a recent study, men who perceive themselves as very masculine are less concerned with grooming. If you do not care about how you look, then prepare yourselves for common skin and hair problems such as dandruff, dry skin, and cracked lips. If you still do not bother about them, then do not expect the ladies to throw themselves around you.

Just like how you want your hair at a certain length, you need to keep your body well-groomed especially during the cold months of fall and winter. Here are some helpful quick tips to get you started with grooming fit for the cold seasons.

Take care of your head and hair – Fall and winter, with its dry indoor air and low temperatures (as well as having to wear hats very often), make perfect environments for a flaky scalp. Dandruff flakes on your head and clothing can leave you feeling self-conscious all season long. To remedy this, look for a shampoo that contains zinc as its main ingredient. You also need to use a conditioner to keep your hair from becoming brittle and dull due to moisture loss. Look for a product that contains apricot oil, glucosamine, or glycerin that infuse hair with moisture without weighing your hair down.

Eliminate cracked lips – Applying lip balm, especially during fall and winter, is an essential grooming regimen for everyone. It keeps your lips from drying and cracking, which can be both painful and a turnoff. Check out lip balms with SPF to protect the lips from UV rays, as well as those with effective moisturizers like shea butter.

Apply moisturizer on skin – Moisturizer is another essential grooming product during cold weather. Men with normal-to-dry skin should apply it everyday to keep their skin supple. Look for products that contain at least SPF 15. You can also use sunscreen even if summer is not around since the sun’s rays continue to damage your skin with wrinkles, premature aging, and even skin cancer.

Wash with hydration – Do not just wash your body with soap, as it has a drying effect on skin. This keeps your body from creating natural oils and moisture. Instead, use a moisturizing body wash to make your skin clean and healthy.

Scrub your face and body – Another method for a healthy skin is to slough off layers of dry, dead cells that remain on your skin. You can rub them off by using loofa or a face towel on wet skin, as well as using a facial wash with exfoliating grains for the face. If you cannot be bothered to do a full body exfoliation, just scrub the visible parts of your body like your face, arms, chest, shoulders, and legs.

Keep your hands clean and moist – The hands are the most vulnerable to contract disease-causing virus as it turns doorknobs and holds tools. Although washing the hands with soap or hand sanitizers is advisable, doing so can leave your hands dry. Prevent chapped hands by applying a thick hand cream, especially after washing.

Apply eye cream – The skin around the eye is thin and delicate, thus making it prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Apply a thin layer of transparent eye cream, using your third finger, under your eyes and on your eyelids during the morning and at night.

Go for a creamy shave – If you are used to gel-based shaving cream during the warmer months, trade it in for an emollient-rich version during the cold seasons. Not only it makes for a super-close shave, it also offers extra hydration on your skin.

Spritz with fragrance – Go for a bolder-smelling perfume during fall. Look for woody scents that give off a manly scent that is fit for the season.

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